Sandy trees is a tree surgery business run by the Sandy family based in Cheam Village, specialising in all kinds of tree and garden work. We pride ourselves on our punctuality and reliability, and the expert knowledge of our staff.


We are passionate about trees and specialise in helping them co-exist with people in the urban environment. We can dispense practial advice that you may not have thought of, and are happy to offer this for free. Even if we remove a tree completely we recycle the arisings at bio-fuel plants and local allotments, and offer replanting options of more suitable trees.

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Tree Work

Here at Sandy Trees we specialise in all manner of tree work and care.

Crown Reduction

This is giving the tree an all round reduction in branch length. We cut the tree to appropriate growthpoints to mitigate the damage done to the tree, while creating an aesthetically pleasing shape.

Crown Lifting

This can be a cheap and simple fix. It does a surprising amount to make the tree look neater, and allow more space in your garden.

Crown Thinning

It may be that your tree is a nice shape but you just can't get any light in your living room as it has a very thick and dense leaf growth. Crown thinning involves taking away branches and shoots to allow more light through, without making a drastic impact to the tree, or shocking it into growing faster, as can often happen with incorrect techniques.

Formative Pruning

This is pruning which specifically targets young trees. Getting a tree formatively pruned while it's young drastically reduces long term damage and ensures it will not grow into an awkward shape. It is a cheap practice which could save you some expensive tree surgery bills in later years when the tree is much larger.

Hedge and Shrub Trimming

With specialist tripod ladders and long reach trimmers we can reach even the most awkward high hedge. Likewise at ground level we can trim any hedge or shrub to whatever shape is required (within reason!), using petrol trimmers and hand shears for a professional finish. Our staff can easily dispense the best advice on how and when to prune any plant.

Green Waste Disposal

Perhaps you want to do the garden or tree work yourself but need the arisings collected and your garden professionally tidied afterwards. We can provide good practical advice on how to do the work yourself and can come tidy up after you.

Stump Grinding

Stump Grinding is the removal of an unwanted tree stump with our specialised equipment. We have specialist stump grinders which are lightweight and can easily be carried through a house or narrow garden gate, and can tackle both the biggest and smallest stumps. Due to the unique design of our stump grinders we can grind with a minimum disturbance to the surrounding area. This makes them ideal for raised beds or awkward areas near utility pipes or fences. We can even use them to flatten out areas of lawn and then plant new grass seeds or lay turf. We can also use these same machines for a large range of landscaping uses, such as trench digging and garden clearance. They can also go far deeper into the ground than conventional stump grinders, (approx. 20 inches- most usual ones would go less than 10'' below ground) allowing for complete stump and root removal. This is very useful for laying fences or decking where builders need the job done properly the first time round. It also greatly helps us to replant trees in the same spot as the old one, rather than off to one side.

Garden Clearance and Maintenance

We can clear gardens right down to the roots, and flatten off areas allowing them to be used again. We make easy work of overgrown and neglected gardens, and afterwards can transform them into more suitable and pleasant areas.

Pest and Disease Diagnosis and Treatment

Using modern scientific techniques we can analyse your ailing trees and shrubs and ascertain the best treatment for them, such as spraying treatments onto the leaves, or other more natural remedies. We have an extensive knowledge of pests , diseases and treatments, and can happily give advice if you send us a clear photograph of the problem.

Overhanging Branches over Boundaries

These are often a difficult issue and can cause neighbour disputes. We have a working knowledge of arboricultural law and can give good advice on what you can or cannot do, and can present the options to your neighbours in a diplomatic manner if needed.

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Richard Sandy


Richard was educated at King’s College School Wimbledon, and then attended Sheffield University where he received his degree in Archaeology. He then completed a two-year National Diploma at Merrist Wood Arboricultural College in Guildford, earning a Triple Distinction. Since then he has gained years of practical experience, dealing with every type of tree that the Greater London Area has to offer.


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